Monday, June 7, 2010

My work on The Carnival

This work was done for lighting challenge the carnival It had one special thing that for this work I haven't used much lights It's all just use of fg(Final Gather). where I haven't used physical lights in the scene but polygonal objects were used to cast light, as I love the diffusion it serves.

Of course It cant be called as a production Friendly lighting but that's the best part of personal work along with being artistic you can do whatever kind of r&d you want to do, another big feature was that I decided in this one I wont do much in composting (As I usually love to do.),so most of the things even glow of light was given in maya and comp was done just to give touch up.
Bes part I loved about my this work are:
1) Colors
2) Composition.

Let me know what what you feel abt this work(It's better I don't blow my own bugal)

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